How it works?

We help authors to reach their readers faster and cheaper than any other online marketing platform. Let's say, you wrote a new article on your blog. You want as many interested people to see it as possible and you have a few dollars to pay someone who will help you.

You add your article to Kickdown and set the price you're ready to pay for each visitor, between ¢5 and ¢99. Let's say it will be ¢20.

Then, another user of Kickdown will share your article with his or her Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn followers. Some of them will be interested, because they follow that person already and have enough trust to click the link. They will read your article and you will pay us ¢20 for each of them.

We will give ¢10 to the person who shared your article and ¢10 will take as a commission. Win-win.

You don't need to annoy your friends and ask them to share your articles any more. Just submit them to us and let people who are interested to share and earn do that for you.